Since the 1990s, Spears Consulting has delivered Organizational Change Management consulting services around the world helping Fortune 100 companies embrace change Business and IT transformations.
Our mission is to help close the achievement gap for African-Americans by partnering with the 3 strongest institutions in our history – the Church, HBCUs and the Family.  
Our products and services are designed to promote truth and racial healing to create transformational change for African & African-American youth and adults. 
Ron Spears has worked with community based organizations to establish training programs to improve the quality of life for youth and young adults.
Ron Spears is also a Detroit-based spoken word artist and storyteller. The Sankofa documentary is a collection of his many years of writing, traveling the world and making a difference. It includes his poetry as well as his experience as the chief teacher for an African Rites of Passage academy where he took boys and girls from Detroit to West Africa each year for a traditional manhood and womanhood ritual.
Ron is also a Trustee at his church and is the charge of mission work in Africa and the Vice Chairman of the men's ministry. He is also a husband and father to 2 adult kids. 
Ron Spears is available to speak to your organizational on a variety of topics to empower young people and adults on personal transformation.
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We encourage you to share your experiences using this program including feedback from your students and tips to help other mentors and facilitators. We will compile your shared feedback and lessons learned to make available for continuous improvement. We will block out any student names or personal information as necessary.
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